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Published Research on
Securities Price Impact

Kill Cammer: Securities Litigation Without Junk Science,” William & Mary Business Law Review, 11, 417-477 (2020).

Misleading Omissions: A Bayesian Framework,” Journal of Law, Economics & Policy 15, 201-210 (2020).

Bias-Corrected Estimation of Price Impact in Securities Litigation” (with Taylor Dove and Davidson Heath), 21 American Law and Economics Review, Vol. 21(1), 184-208 (2019) (peer-reviewed).

Event Studies in Securities Litigation: Low Power, Confounding Effects, and Bias,” 93 Washington University Law Review pp. 583-614 (2015) (with Alon Brav).

Market Indeterminacy,” The Journal of Corporation Law, Vol. 28, No. 4, pp. 517-539 (2003) (with Alon Brav, Duke University).

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